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The Center of documentation and information*

CDI: a gold mine for curious students (Center of documentation and information)voir page d'origine 


The CDI in short :


The documentation and information center is open every day from 8:10 am to 5pm. It is under the responsability of a documentalist teacher, Mrs Valérie Hérault, with the help of an assistant, Miss Sylvie Guernion, who assures herself the opening of the CDI at middays and Thursday mornings.




The CDI was completely renewed during summer 2008. With a surface of 120 m2, it is divided into three rooms.


  • In the reading corner :


There are at your disposal the daily newspapers and magazines, comic strips, and 12 computers which allow  access to the internet and to the document research of the CDI. The students are introduced to the use of this software with over 5000 notices.




  • A room that stores documents: 3525 documentary books.
  • A files room: 10 years of files from the newspapers "Le Monde", the files from 38 magazine subscriptions from CDI and 4 daily newspapers.


A large choice of books are at disposal for all the students, teachers and staff. Some numbers: 5230 books, 1186 novels, 285 comic magazines and mangas, 198 plays, 370 essays, 3105 documentary books. The loan is completly computerised and is very sucessful !




How does the CDI work?


The teachers who want to propose the CDI sessions in their classes should apply or warn previously on the planning. These didactic sessions are prepared in advance by the teacher and the documentalist teacher, they are sketched and assessed together.


On the other hand, the students can come to the CDI individually when they don't have class or when they want to read or use the ressources that they find.

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