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According to Ludovic Calvez, the chef :voir page d'origine


The CROQ'JO opened in septembre 2010, the concept was imagined in January 2009, the goal was to have « an area especially for the restauration » inside the school in order to subsitute the old restaurant rue Murigneux.



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In 2010, it was a unique concept in France, since, one school in Nantes has reproduced the same idea and other headmasters from different schools in France have come to visit the CROQ'JO to get inspiration from it.

The decoration, the layout, colors, name, and the dishes were chosen by all students of the school year 2009-2010, the management and the staff.



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Concerning the choice of meals, a dietician etablishes the menus then the chef adjusts to suit the tastes of high school students. The main suppliers of the self are Ansamble and the farm in St Rieul where they provide milk and dairy products.

The restaurant is composed of 208 seats and it hosts over 530 people including 510 students and 20 teachers. For this, the chef works from 6:30 am to 6:30 pm, assisted by four employees: Annie, Patricia and Laurence (they do the cooking, do dishes and serve meals) and Françoise (she cleans the room and she passes the cards).



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Melaine confides, "It's modern, the decoration, color and arrangement of the tables are very nice. We compose our meals ourselves with a large variety of food. And it's healthy! "



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