PA.CO.CO days (Participation, communication, cooperation)*


PA.CO.CO days (Participation, communication, cooperation)voir page d'origine

journée d'intégration

To enable everyone to make a good start to the new school year St Joseph high school proposes and exciting day discovering sports ont the theme of communication. This day is open to all students from year 10 upwards and is organised in cooperation with the Val André sailing school. The aims of this EDUCATIONAL PROJECT :

  •  Further integration of all year 10 students into high school
  •  To help everyone integrate their class
  •  Create an atmosphere of trust favourable to learning

Atheletic games, catamaran and balls games enable students from the same class to get to know each other and develop a feeling of belonging to the group. This friendly day spent together on the beach at the Val André at the beginning of the school year will be echoed during class time periods, PHYSICAL EDUCATION lessons in the context of the sports club or which will help pupils in giving priority to their own social and human qualities.

The CYT 1 Project


This project was put into action in september 2006 at Jugon Les Lacs with a day of sporting and cultural activities which brought together year 11 pupils and their teachers.

This project aims promote personal success through recognition of the person. The educational team chose to put into practise :

  • By creating a rite of passage into year 11, thus making the charge between the end of year 10 and the final cycle official.
  • By giving the pupils the change to experience  a positive relational experience together thus creating a SOCIAL LINK giving a feeling of self-confidence and trust in others.
  • By developping TEAM SPIRIT based on sharing action sporting and social values (fair play, respect for other and rules) and solidarity and cooperation.
  • The sporting activities (mountain biking,canoeing, archery, relay races) and the artistic activities (group creations) give everyone opportunities :
  • To be able to face the work and tests of the final cycle more peacefully.
  • To recognize others and in turn be recognized.

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